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Talking Smack(s) with Abigail Whittaker

There’s a relatively new face in the spanking scene—Abigail Whittaker. She’s been a Gal Friday co-star in several Firm Hand Spanking videos, as well as appeared in her own segments which have featured some extremely...noteworthy...spanking, strapping, and other corporal-minded scenes.

In watching her, my sense was that she wasn’t just doing it for the fortune and glory but was truly one of us. The post below confirms that without a doubt. Friends, I give you the interview debut of Abigail Whittaker.

Quick Facts:
Age: 21
Height: 5'5''
Location: Midwest
Relationship Status: Single

When I told you that I wrote a site called Spanking Central, you rather amusingly said "The M/M site? I subscribed to that, it was hot!" I take it that you're not just a model/actress, but a full-fledged spanko. How long have you had the bug? And forgive the completely cliche question, but were you spanked growing up?

The bug was hatched when I was born. My earliest memory is spanking related! And no...I was spanked very very rarely growing up (but a few occasions). Even at age 4 I was verbally daring my dad to spank me, but he just never took the bait! (Would have made his job a lot easier, had he!)

Have you subscribed to a lot of spanking sites?

I've subscribed to all of them, practically, at some point or another! The day of my 18th birthday I subscribed to three sites...but was pissed I had to pay. I thought "cyber age" was just verifying your age...not monetarily subscribing!

Ha. It’s possible a few readers might be able to relate to your plight…

How did you get into the spanking industry?

I was interning in Europe, when I decided to visit my good real-life friend, Samantha Woodley. She was doing a shoot at the time and invited me to try it out...I had been being asked for years since I started going to parties, but had always declined. After discussing it with her, and she can be VERY persuasive, I decided to go ahead and try.

If Sam’s your real-life friend, it definitely explains why you shoot together so often, and I’ve noticed that she often sings your praises in interviews. But c’mon…what's the real story? You're constantly backstabbing each other on the set, right?

Haha! Well like I said, we are good friends in real life, nice and close. We have each other's backs. What happens more often is we gang up on those poor souls who attempt to perform as spankers for our scenes...both on and off the set!

No doubt. Now… I'm a HUGE Bond fan. What can you tell me about your soon-to-arrive DVD with Firm Hand, "The Spy Who Spanked Me?

What's it worth to you???

Nice. Here I am, trying to conduct an interview, and you’re acting up. I get the feeling that you can’t actually turn that off…

Well...I suppose I'm lucky, cuz I don't have to do anything. I don't even see Abi as a character. It's really just me...I'm that kind of smart-assed, sarcastic, cocky young lady that you see on screen to both spankos and vanillas alike in my life.

Ha! I love that! Uh…I mean…BAD GIRL.

:-) As for "The Spy Who Spanked Me," it was a film shot on location around Europe, which is exciting in itself. Besides the spanking scenes, there are a lot of plot scenes that are a foundation to make a pretty elaborate story. We put a LOT of effort and hours into making the video and all involved feel that it's going to be very obvious to anyone who watches it! And...there could be a sequel if we get enough positive feedback! So be sure to check it out.

Are you working with/considering working with any other industry players other than Firm Hand?

Well, I've been scheduled twice to work with Shadowlane, and both times there have been circumstances that have halted it. Once was extreme, where I actually got into an accident on my way to the was blizzarding out. I'm hoping sometime in the fall to make it out to shoot with them. Dallas' site is another possibility. We'll see.

Dallas? Ouch. Now what's a particularly memorable spanking scene you can remember, either personal or professional?

There are many memorable personal ones I can remember... but you'll just have to use your imagination on those! :-) The most memorable, probably, on set, was the one where Samantha and I threw bread at "Uncle Tim." The man playing him was just so taken aback and surprised that the bread bounced off his head and he just blinked....we collapsed in laughter. We often do that on the set....Firmhand does some great editing.

So there’s so much bratting on the set that not all of it even makes the final cut...the mind boggles.

What can you tell us about your "non spanking" life?

I'll give you a few random facts. I'm a major dork. I ride motorcycles. I don't like chocolate. People call me "sheepdog,” because of my hair. I can't grow my bangs out, because every time I try, they impale my eyes and I just end up cutting them again. Sigh.

And now a series of "quickies," asking you your preferences:

Hand or paddle?

Hand, by far, although I like leather paddles.

OTK or over sofa?

OTK, preferring the contact.

Fun or discipline? and if you prefer discipline, then it's probably not real discipline anyway, in the traditional sense. I receive both.

Schoolgirl or stewardess?

Schoolgirl, but haven't ever tried stewardess. I don't think I could be nice to all those plane-riding jackasses, even in roleplay.

I think I sense the "real life" brat again...

Best pizza topping?


Favorite band?

Imogen Heap...maybe. I have too many favorites to pick, I suppose.

Favorite quote?

"If it weren't for my horse, I'd never have went to college..." (Don't ask.)

Folks, she was a spanko at age four, she likes Imogen Heap, and she’s funny. In fact, the only thing I take issue with--and it's not nice to contradict the interviewee--but if you look up "dork" in the dictionary, do you think there's a picture of THIS next to it?

I have a feeling we will see many great things in store from this naturally talented and inherently impish young spankophile. Thanks Abi!

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